Hey, I’m Adam and welcome to Tone Island – my virtual home away from home.

This is where I share my thoughts about guitars and guitar gear. As well as amps, speaker cabs, and FX pedals, recording gear, etc.

You’ll also find content related to songwriting, music production, and the music business in general. And the occasional article from writers I trust.

My guitar journey

My guitar journey started at the age of 13 when my Grandma bought me a cheap classical acoustic.

After sticking with it for a while, I eventually got an SG style guitar, joined a band and took up guitar lessons.

This led me to my fascination with audio gear and as a result. My uncle bought me a cheap a P.A. System from our local guitar store so my band had something to run vocals through. And I began collecting audio gear.

Since I had the gear for it, I eventually handled live sound for performances at my school. After going to college I started recording local bands and my own band.

During that time I begun producing electronic music and launched my own free digital record label (netlabel). While I eventually shut down the label to focus on other projects, those releases have had close to 3 million downloads.

There comes a time that I believe most guitarists experience where they find that guitar that just “feels” right and inspires us. For me, that was an Ibanez SA. Originally, I bought a Jackson Warrior – it was my first “serious” guitar but I never bonded with it.

So, I dropped into my local guitar store and asked to trade it in. I immediately gravitated towards a beautiful orange flamed Ibanez SA. And while my taste in guitars has changed a lot since then, I still have that guitar to this day.

After college, I went to university to continue my studies and graduated with a degree in Music Technology & Marketing.

Fast forward to today (18+ years later) and I’m more obsessed with guitar & gear than ever. And most importantly, I still pickup my guitar with the same excitement that I did when I picked up that classical guitar at the age of 13.

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