14 Best Sites To Sell Sample Packs (2024)

Best Sites To Sell Sample Packs

Looking for the best sites to sell sample packs online? We’ve got you covered.

Selling your loops and one-shots to other music producers can be a great way to make money from your music.

In this post, we’ll be helping you to get started by revealing 14 places where you can list your sample packs for sale.

#1 – Your own website

The best place to sell your sample packs online is through your own website, which you can build with Sellfy.

Sellfy Homepage

When you sell through your own site—as opposed to a third-party platform/marketplace—you get to keep 100% of your profits as there’s no middleman to take a cut.

Plus, it gives you full control over your storefront and product pricing. It also makes you look more credible as a music producer.

And the good news is it’s super easy to build your ecommerce website using Sellfy. It’s designed for creators, doesn’t charge any transaction fees, and is incredibly beginner-friendly and affordable.

Just sign up, upload your sample packs as a digital product and set your pricing, and connect your store to a custom domain (as well as to PayPal or Stripe for payment processing).

Then, you’re ready to start selling. It really is that easy. You can be up and running in under an hour.

#2 – Splice

Splice is probably the most popular sample packs library in the world. So naturally, it’s a great place to sell your loops and one-shots.

Splice Homepage

Splice operates using a subscription-based service model. Producers can sign up to get access to monthly download credits that they can redeem on royalty-free sounds including samples, preset packs, etc.

Artists, sound designers, and labels that want to sell on Splice can fill out the content providers form to submit their samples. 

To get accepted, your samples will have to adhere to Splice’s Quality Principles and be original, descriptive, inclusive, respectful, and beneficial to their users.

Unfortunately, Splice doesn’t publicly state their revenue share model so it’s unclear how much content providers can earn in commission/royalties. But anecdotally, some producers report earning a full-time income from Splice alone.

#3 – Sample Magic 

Sample Magic is one of the top labels on Splice, and claims to be ‘the world’s leading provider of pro-audio loops and samples’.

Sample Magic Homepage

So instead of submitting your samples to Splice directly, it could be worth submitting them to Sample Magic instead.

According to Sample Magic’s site, they’re constantly looking for new, passionate sound designers to work with. You can reach out via the email on their website to submit your samples and discuss available opportunities.

The company’s Splice library is huge and contains over 700 sample packs spanning across a wide variety of genres. From house and techno to soul, synth-pop, and everything in between. So no matter what your sound is, there could be a place for it in the Sample Magic catalog

#4 – Loopmasters

Loopmasters is a Brighton-based sound design record label and another one of the most popular marketplaces for professional, royalty-free sample packs.

Loopmasters Homepage

Unlike Splice, Loopmasters isn’t a subscription-based marketplace. Users have to purchase sounds individually, each of which is priced separately.

Prices vary, but typically fall somewhere between $10 and $50 per pack. Again, it’s not clear how much labels/creators earn on Loopmasters per sale. 

There are thousands of sounds in Loopmasters’ catalog spanning pretty much every genre. Aside from loops and one-shots, you can also buy/sell sampler patchers, synth presets, MIDI, courses, and DAW presets.

There’s no submission/application form on their website so you may need to contact their support for more information about how to submit your samples.

#5 – Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an online record store and music community. It’s mainly known as a place to sell independent music tracks/albums, but you can also sell samples and pretty much any other type of audio you can think of.

Bandcamp Homepage

The best thing about Bandcamp is how popular it is. 

Artists on the platform have collectively earned over a billion dollars in sales. And fans bought over 80,000 records on Bandcamp yesterday alone, so there’s a lot of money to be made if you can create something that people want.

It also offers excellent commission rates. You set your own prices and take home 85% of your digital music sales (minus payment processor fees). Bandcamp only takes a modest 15% cut thanks to their ethical, artist-first revenue share model.

It’s free to sign up and set up your own artist store. And Bandcamp even helps you to make sales by notifying your Bandcamp followers whenever you release new music.

#6 – Airbit

Airbit is best known as a place to buy and sell beats, but you can also use it to sell your samples.

Airbit Homepage

With over 800,000 users, it’s one of the most popular beat marketplaces in the world. And producers on the platform earn over $45 million each year, collectively

To get your share of the pie, you can sign up for a free account and upload your sounds to the marketplace. Free users are limited to 10 uploads but you can upgrade to Platinum for $7.99/month to sell unlimited sound packs. 

You get your own Infinity Store on Airbit and can set your own prices, with instant payouts whenever you make a sale. You keep 60-90% of your sales revenue after Airbit’s cut.

There are also a bunch of license and contract templates, promotional tools, and collaboration features that you can take advantage of. 

#7 – BeatStars

BeatStars is another world-renowned beat marketplace used by millions of artists and producers. You can list your sample packs for sale on Beatstars as ‘sound kits’.

BeatStars Homepage

Like Airbit, BeatStars is super popular and gets tons of site traffic, which makes it easy to make sales. Creators on the platform have sold over a million products to date and earned over a hundred million in collective revenue.

You can list up to 10 tracks for sale with a free account, but BeatStars will take 30% of your revenue in fees—and free users can’t sell sound kits.

Paid subscribers can sell as many tracks as they want (including sound kits) with zero commission fees, which is pretty neat. Plus, you also get access to a bunch of other useful premium features.

#8 – Gumroad

Gumroad is another ecommerce platform that you can use to create your own online store, much like Sellfy.

Gumroad Homepage

But what makes Gumroad different is that unlike Sellfy, it doesn’t charge you a monthly subscription fee. Instead, Gumroad just takes a 10% cut of your sales revenue.

Now if you plan on making thousands of dollars in sales every month, you’ll ultimately pay more with Gumroad than you would with Sellfy (which doesn’t charge any transaction fees). 

But if you’re just starting out and want to ‘test the waters’ without committing to a paid monthly plan, it’s a great option.

Gumroad is very popular amongst musicians thanks to its excellent audio selling features. You can upload all your samples/sample packs as digital products and set your own pricing. 

If you want, you could even set up subscription payments and allow your customers to pay for complete access to your sample library through monthly or yearly payments, rather than one-off purchases for individual packs.

#9 – Roqstar

Roqstar is another online music marketplace where you can sell all sorts of sounds, including sample packs, presets, beats, stock music, sound effects, plugins, and more.

Roqstar Homepage

Their marketplace covers all genres: acoustic & folk, ambient & chillout, lofi, cinematic, dancehall, house, drum and bass, hip hop and RnB, pop, rock, metal, trap sample packs… you name it.

Roqstar offers both free and paid plans. On the free plan, you can upload up to 10 products and you’ll keep 70% of your sales—Roqstar takes the rest as their commission.

If you want to upload unlimited sound packs and keep 100% of your sales, you can upgrade to a paid plan starting from as little as $8/month. Paid users enjoy 0% commission fees and a bunch of premium features and fan base building tools.

#10 – TrakTrain

TrakTrain is another beat marketplace for serious producers. Aside from beats, you can also sell sample packs, loop kits, midi kits, plugin banks, and more.

TrakTrain Homepage

It’s one of the only marketplaces that lets free users keep 100% of their MP3 sales, but only for your first 15 uploads. After that, you’ll only keep 75% of your sales and TrakTrain will take the rest.

You can also sell high-quality WAV & STEM files, but again, you’ll only keep 75% of your sales revenue and lose the rest to commission fees. 

TrakTrain gives you a lot of customization options. You can fully customize your contract terms, offer flexible pricing (including ‘offer price’ which lets you take offers from your customers’), embed your TrakTrain store into your existing website or socials, and more.

#11 – Amped Studio

Amped Studio is a less well-known marketplace for sample producers and beatmakers.

Amped Studio Homepage

Anyone can sign up and start selling their sounds in three easy steps. First, head to the profile page to register as a merchant and set up your seller account. 

Then, upload your sample packs as a product. You can add your own graphics, keywords, descriptions, etc. and set your own prices.

Now, your samples should be live on the Amped Studio marketplace ready for customers to buy. But you can give them an extra promotional push by signing up for the affiliate program and promoting your Amped Studio product pages across your socials via your own referral links.

You can sell sounds on Amped Studio under three licenses: Exclusive, Non-exclusive, and Buyout. Royalty/commission rates vary.

#12 – Kitsi 

Kitsi is a marketplace built by producers, for producers. You can use it to sell drum kits and sample packs as digital downloads.

Kitsi Homepage

There’s no gatekeepers on Kitsi, so you don’t need to be a renowned producer/artist to get onboard. Literally anyone can sign up and start selling.

All you have to do is create an account and fill out your bio, then connect your PayPal so that you can receive payments, and upload your pack and artwork as a new product. 

You can choose what price you sell for and get to keep the majority of your revenue. Free users take home 80% of the sale price, Standard members get 85%, and Pro members get 92%.

Kitsi is also one of the only marketplaces we’ve seen that accepts crypto for payments including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

#13 – AudioJungle

AudioJungle is Envato Element’s audio marketplace. It’s a very reputable site that gets a lot of traffic, especially from audio engineers and corporate customers.

Audiojungle Homepage

You can sell all sorts of audio files on AudioJungle. Not just sound packs, but also sound effects, original music, source files, music packs, etc.

Prices range from a couple of bucks for individual loops & one-shots, to $100+ for high-quality sound packs.

#14 – Fiverr

Fiverr isn’t like the other platforms on this list. It isn’t a site where you can upload sound packs as digital files and list them for sale—it’s a freelance marketplace where freelancers can sell their services.

Fiverr Homepage

The reason we included it in this list nonetheless is that producers and beatmakers can sign up and sell their sample packs as a service.

And in fact, there are lots of Fiverr sellers doing just that, and some of them have hundreds of sales. 

There are a couple of ways you can go about it. Option 1 is to just list your pre-made sample packs as a service, and title the service you’re offering something like ‘I will send you my sample pack’, then include information about what’s in the pack in the description.

Option 2 is to offer to create bespoke, custom sample packs for customers on request. This can be a great option if you’re a talented musician or you know how to play a specific instrument that’s in demand. 

And because you’d be offering a bespoke service, you can charge a lot more than you’d be able to charge selling premade samples.

Choosing the best site to sell sample packs on

That concludes our guide to selling sample packs online.

As you can see, there are plenty of sites out there where you can list your samples for sale. 

But the best option is to create your own site with Sellfy. That way, you’ll have full control and ownership and don’t have to worry about any middlemen taking a cut of your sales.

And remember: selling your own sample packs isn’t the only way to make money from your music. To explore more of your options, you might want to check out the posts below: