22 Spotify Statistics (2024 User & Revenue Data)

Spotify Statistics

Interested in a few statistics on the web’s most popular music streaming service?

Spotify dominates the music industry. The Spotify user base is huge, and Spotify Wrapped trends every year it’s released.

In this post, we list general Spotify stats as well as statistics for Spotify users, genres and artists.

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Key Spotify statistics:

  • In 2022, Spotify generated €11.7 billion in revenue. (Spotify1)
  • 87% of Spotify’s annual revenue is generated by Spotify premium plans. (Spotify1)
  • The Spotify app has been downloaded by over 1 billion Android devices. (Google Play1)
  • 40.15% of Spotify premium users are based in the United States. (Spotify1)
  • Spotify reached over 574 million monthly active users in the United States in 2023. (Spotify2)

General Spotify statistics

1. Spotify’s revenue in 2022 was €11.7 billion

Spotify’s annual report for fiscal year 2022 states the company generated €11,727 million in 2022, or €11.73 billion.

01 Spotify revenue

This translates to $12.76 billion based on current currency exchange rates.

Spotify revenue increased by €2.06 billion, or 21%, between 2022 and 2021, in which the company’s total annual revenue was €9.67 billion.

According to the company’s own numbers, Spotify generated €10.25 billion from premium plans and €1.48 billion from ad-supported plans.

Source: 30.5%1

2. Spotify has a majority 30.5% market share in the music streaming industry

According to Statista’s stats on the world’s leading music streaming services, Spotify has a majority market share of 30.5% in the industry.

The runner-ups have much lower market shares: Apple Music at 13.7%, Tencent Music at 13.4% and Amazon Music at 13.3%.

02 Spotify profit

Here’s Statista’s full list of data on music streaming services around the world:

  • Spotify – 30.5% market share
  • Apple Music – 13.7%
  • Tencent Music – 13.4%
  • Amazon Music – 13.3%
  • YouTube Music – 8.9%
  • Netease – 6.1%
  • Yandex – 2.2%
  • Deezer – 1.5%
  • Others – 10.2%

Source: Statista1

3. Spotify premium accounts for 87% of the company’s annual revenue

According to Spotify’s fiscal reports, the company generated €10.25 billion from Spotify premium users in 2022.

This was 87.38% of the company’s total revenue for 2022, which was €11.73 billion.

03 Spotify Spending

The remaining 13% came from free plans in which listening is interrupted by ad breaks. These plans generated €1.48 billion for the company.

This is in spite of Spotify having 295 million ad-supported monthly active users (MAUs) and 205 million premium subscribers in 2022.

In the United States, Spotify subscribers pay $10.99/month for solo plans, $14.99/month for duo plans (for two people who live together) and $16.99/month for family plans (for up to six people who live together).

Students have access to Spotify premium for as low as $5.99/month.

Source: Spotify1

4. Spotify has over 1 billion downloads on Google Play

According to Google Play’s data, the Spotify app has over 1 billion downloads on Google Play, which means over 1 billion Android devices are using the music streaming service.

04 Ad-Supported plans

The app has a 4.4-star rating out of over 30.2 million reviews and sits in the #32 position of the store’s list of top free apps.

Apple Music and Amazon Music have over 100 million downloads each on Google Play.

Many Android devices can’t uninstall the YouTube Music app. So, although the store says YouTube Music has over 1 billion downloads, there’s no way to tell how many of these were downloaded by the Android operating system.

On the App Store, Spotify has a 4.8-star rating out of over 29 million reviews.

It sits in the #1 position in the App Store under the Music category, three positions above Amazon Music. Apple Music isn’t listed.

The Spotify app is in the 20th position on the store’s list of top free iPhone apps. The only other music app on this list is YouTube Music, which is in the 57th position.

Source: Google Play1, Google Play2, Google Play3, Google Play4 Apple1, Apple2, Apple3

5. Spotify.com receives 481.4 million visits per month

According to Similarweb’s data on Spotify, the company’s website receives 481.4 million visits per month.

26.67% of that traffic comes from the United States. Other countries represent 5% of that traffic or less each.

52.99% of the website’s visitors are male while the remaining 47.01% are female.

05 Spotify Royalties

32.45% of visitors are between the ages of 18 and 24 while 29.32% are 25 to 34.

Source: Similarweb

6. Accounts based in the United States make up 40.15% of Spotify’s revenue

Spotify’s annual report for 2022 revealed that the United States makes up a large majority of the company’s revenue, 40.15% or €4.71 billion of the €11.73 billion they generated in 2022, to be exact.

06 Market shares

The United Kingdom accounted for 9.46% or €1.11 billion of the company’s annual revenue.

Other countries accounted for amounts that were far fewer than 10% of the company’s annual revenue.

Source: Spotify1

Spotify user statistics

7. Spotify receives 574 million monthly active users

According to the company’s quarterly report for Q3 of 2023, Spotify’s monthly active users is 574. 226 million of these users are premium subscribers.

The company earned €3.36 billion in revenue in this quarter, €2.91 billion of which came from Spotify premium subscribers alone.

According to the company’s annual financial report for 2022, the music streaming service had 489 million monthly active users throughout 2022. 205 million were premium subscribers at that time.

Source: Spotify2

8. 87% of consumers in the United States have heard of Spotify

Statista published a survey that included responses from 1,244 individuals aged 18 to 64.

These individuals were asked about their awareness of music streaming services used in the United States.

87% of consumers have heard of Spotify, and another 87% have heard of Pandora, though the latter service has been losing its user base year after year.

Here’s the full list, including which percentage of users have heard of each service:

  • Spotify – 87% of consumers in the United States have heard of this service
  • Pandora – 87%
  • YouTube Music – 83%
  • iTunes – 82%
  • Amazon Music – 81%
  • iHeardRadio – 78%
  • Apple Music – 77%
  • Sirius XM – 74%
  • SoundCloud – 59%
  • Napster – 47%
  • Tidal – 33%
  • Deezer – 26%
  • TuneIn – 21%
  • eMusic – 16%
  • LiveOne – 15%
  • Qobuz – 12%

Source: Statista2

9. Spotify users discover new music on the platform 1.9 billion times a day

A “discovery” on Spotify occurs when a user listens to a new track on the platform for the very first time.

Spotify users do this just under 2 billion times a  day.

Source: Spotify3

10. Music fans on Spotify created over 22.5 million Blends on the platform in 2023

Spotify Blends are a special type of playlist users can generate to combine music they listen to with music another user listens to, usually a celebrity.

However, you can also create Blends with people you know personally, especially if you both share a Duo or Family account.

Common songs added to Blended playlists include “See You Again” by Tylor the Creator, “Paint the Town Red” by Doja Cat, “fukumean” by Gunna, “Pink + White” by Frank Ocean and “From the Start” by Laufey.

Source: Spotify4

Spotify Artist statistics

11. Taylor Swift was the most-streamed artist on Spotify in 2023, receiving more than 26.1 billion streams

Taylor Swift was Spotify’s top artist in 2023, a year that saw the pop star embark on a stadium tour celebrating her discography, release a taping of that same tour in movie theaters, re-record one of her biggest albums and even become a billionaire.

On Spotify, Taylor Swift received 26.1 billion global streams between January 1 and the end of November.

Her number one song on the platform was “Cruel Summer.”

Other top artists were Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Drake, Peso Pluma, Feid, Travis Scott and SZA, in that order.

Source: Spotify4

12. “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus received 1.6 billion streams on Spotify in 2023

According to Spotify’s own statistics, “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus was the app’s most popular song of 2023.

The song received 1.6 billion streams, more than any other song on the platform.

Other popular songs in 2023 were “Kill Bill” by SZA, “As it Was” by Harry Styles, “Seven (feat. Latto)” by Jung Kook and “Ella Baila Sola” by Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma.

Source: Spotify4

13. Bad Bunny’s album Un Verano Sin Ti was streamed 4.5 billion times in 2023

Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny was 2023’s most popular album on Spotify.

13 User age demogprahic

This album received 4.5 billion streams.

Other popular albums were Midnights by Taylor Swift, SOS by SZA, Starboy by The Weeknd and Mañana Será Bonito by Karol G.

Source: Spotify4

14. Streams of Rihanna’s music increased by 640% following the artist’s Super Bowl halftime performance

Rihanna performed the halftime show for Super Bowl LVII of the US-based National Football League.

Shortly after, the pop star saw a 640% increase in streams of her music on Spotify in spite of her releasing one song (and featuring on another) since her hiatus, which began in 2018.

These songs stood out for viewers:

  • “Bitch Better Have My Money” – 2,600% increase in streams after Super Bowl LVII
  • “Diamonds” – 1,400% increase
  • “Rude Boy” – 1,170% increase
  • “We Found Love” – 1,160% increase
14 Payouts per stream

Source: Spotify4

Spotify statistics for music genres and playlists

15. Indian classical music has seen a 500% increase in interest among India-based Spotify users over the last 24 months

Indians are listening to more Indian classical music these days. Over the last two years, interest in this genre has increased by 500% in the country.

Spotify also says that 45% of these listeners are under the age of 25.

Source: Spotify4

16. Interest in the afrobeats genre has increased by 550% since 2017

Spotify says the afrobeats genre is the fastest-growing music genre on the platform. Interest has grown by 550% since 2017, especially in Mexico and India.

In fact, the afrobeat tune “Calm Down” by Rema became the first artist-led track in the genre to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify in 2023.

Source: Spotify4

17. Interest in Mexican music from Colombia-based Spotify users increased by 85% in 2023

Spotify’s news post for Spotify Wrapped revealed how Colombia became the fifth-largest consumer in Mexican music throughout the course of 2023.

The country’s interest in genres from this nation increased by 85%.

Source: Spotify4

18. Interest in the mandopop genre increased by 45% in 2023

Mandopop, or Mandarin pop music, has grown in interest, increasing by 45% in 2023.

The genre received more than 500 million monthly streams in 2023, featuring artists like JJ Lin, Jay Chou and Eason Chan.

Source: Spotify4

19. Streams of Spotify’s official Barbie playlist increased by 1,560% following the premiere of the Barbie movie

Spotify has an official playlist simply called “Barbie,” which features songs inspired by the decades-old fashion doll.

19 Most streamed artist

Popular tracks include “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, “Toxic” by Britney Spears, “Wannabe” by Spice Girls, “Oops!…I Did It Again” by Britney Spears and “Barbie Tingz” by Nicki Minaj.

Source: Spotify4

20. Spotify users created over 200,000 “break-up” playlists in 2023

Spotify users’ streamed their own “break-up” playlists the most on Valentine’s Day in 2023.

During this year, users created over 200,000 playlists that featured the word “break-up” in their titles.

20 Most streamed song

Common tracks in these playlists were “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift, “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande, “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson and “Someone Like You” by Adele.

Source: Spotify4

Spotify statistics for podcasts

21. The Joe Rogan Experience was the most popular podcast on Spotify for the fourth year in a row

Joe Rogan has an exclusive contract to only upload his podcast to Spotify. This contract was rumored to be $200 million for three years.

Prior to this contract, Joe primarily hosted his podcast on YouTube but uploaded audio versions to popular podcast platforms.

The podcast has been the platform’s most popular show for four years in a row.

Other popular podcasts in 2023 were Call Her Daddy, Huberman Lab, anything goes with emma chamberlain and On Purpose with Jay Shetty.

Source: Spotify4

22. 78% of podcast listeners consume podcasts Monday through Friday

According to Spotify’s latest Fan Study on podcasts, 78% of Spotify users listen to podcasts on weekdays, Monday through Friday.

Listenership spikes every weekday at 8 AM and once again at 5 PM, both of which are times when 9-5 workers commute to and from work.

On weekends, listenership spikes between 11 AM and noon.

Source: Spotify5

Spotify statistic sources

Final thoughts

These statistics prove one thing: Spotify is most definitely the web’s number one source for music, especially listeners in the United States. The platform is dominating the music streaming industry.

Not only is Spotify a platform music lovers can use to listen to their favorite artists, it’s also a great place to discover new music.

It’s also becoming a popular source for podcasts. Spotify even has a growing library of over 200,000 audiobooks.

Apple Music and Amazon Music continue to be growing competition for the app, though, with YouTube Music not too far behind.